Shelton FD: Residents should practice fire safety while home

Shelton Fire Department

Shelton Fire Department

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With many residents and families remaining home during the coronavirus pandemic, Shelton fire officials are urging people to use this time to review and practice some safety tips.

Shelton Fire Chief Francis T. Jones III said that residents should look into the following:

* Develop and practice a home escape plan -

* Check to ensure you have a working smoke detectors -

* Check to ensure working carbon monoxide detectors -

* Consider purchasing and learning how to use a fire extinguisher -

* Practice safe cooking practices -

* Close your doors when sleeping -

* Don’t leave unattended candles or campfires -

* Pay attention when grilling -

* Remember open burning of leaves is prohibited in Shelton, paper bag or bring leaves to the compost facility located at 138 Willoughby Road -

Jones said residents should remember to call 911 in an emergency.