Shelton Fire Update: Dog perishes in house blaze; Minor injuries for 3 firefighters

Three Shelton firefighters received minor injuries fighting the house fire at 9 High Plains Road on Friday morning. (Note: The address originally had been called in and then reported as 8 High Plains Road).

The firefighters were treated at the scene by Echo Hose EMS personnel, according to Nick Verdicchio, a spokesman for the Shelton Fire Department.

The house is badly damaged and likely will have to be destroyed. No civilians were hurt in the fire, but a family dog perished. Neighbors had expressed concerns about the safety of the dog, named Lucky, in the immediate aftermath of the fire.

No people are believed to have been inside the home when the fire started.

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Call came in at 10:19 a.m.

The call came in at 10:19 a.m., said Verdicchio, who also is an assistant chief of the Pine Rock Park Volunteer Fire Company.

In addition to equipment and personnel from the Echo House, Huntington, Pine Rock Park and White Hills companies, firefighters from Derby helped battle the blaze.

Verdicchio said when firefighters arrived at the location, the house was 60% to 70% “fully involved” in the fire.

Most of the fire was put out in about 30 minutes, he said, with firefighters remaining on scene for a few hours to handle hot spots and to pack up equipment.

Observers said the fire may have started in the rear of the house, although that is uncertain.

Investigation of cause begins

Fire Marshal James Tortora has been at the scene and will lead the investigation.

Verdicchio said there is no known cause at this time, and fire personnel found nothing suspicious at the scene.

Shelton EMS and police also were at the location during firefighting efforts.

Ansonia, Monroe and Trumbull fire departments provided station coverage in Shelton during the fire, with Stratford on standby if needed.

(Photos by Brad Durrell)