SHELTON — High school students, on full distance learning since Tuesday, can return to in-class learning on Oct. 20 — two days earlier than to the originally set reopening date.

Interim Superintendent Beth Smith, in an announcement Friday, said that Shelton Intermediate School, also placed on full distance learning Oct. 13 after positive tests among the school community, will not reopen its doors until the originally set date of Oct. 22.

“District and building level administrative teams have been working hard to return our students and staff to Perry Hill Elementary School, Shelton Intermediate School and Shelton High School on their cohorted schedules prior to the announced return to in-building learning dates,” Smith said.

“This includes the monumental task of securing coverage for 40 staff members on quarantine,” Smith added.

Two dyads — which each contain two teachers and some 48 students — have been on quarantine as well. Smith said that one of the dyads will be allowed back for in-class instruction beginning Oct. 21.

These Perry Hill School students will return following their Tuesday/Thursday A-L, Wednesday/Friday M-Z cohorted model. Smith said Perry Hill Principal Lorraine Williams will communicate directly with the students and staff at her school regarding who will return.

High school students and staff will return following their Tuesday/Thursday A-L, Wednesday/Friday M-Z cohorted model.

Students who have opted into full distance learning in pre-K through grade 12 may remain on full distance learning during this time and throughout November, according to Smith, as the district moves into its next phase of reopening.

"As we enter fall and beyond with Halloween, Thanksgiving and the holidays coming, I remind everyone that the spread of COVID-19 is taking place in the community,” Smith said. “Please take every precaution to keep yourself and your family healthy including wearing masks over your nose and mouth when not at home, washing your hands frequently and getting plenty of rest.”