Shelton High School students suspended for alcohol incident

A large group of Shelton High School students received suspensions for their alleged involvement in an alcohol purchasing arrangement.

One student allegedly gained access to alcohol and began selling it to other students, according to sources.

"There was a major disciplinary action involving the procurement of alcohol,” School Supt. Freeman Burr said when asked about the incident.

Burr said the situation was investigated by SHS administrators, with many students interviewed by school staff.

The number of students involved was “more than 10,” according to Burr. The students determined to have been involved faced “consequences” due to their behavior, he said.

“There were different levels of suspensions administered,” Burr said.

He said whether the situation becomes a police matter is a decision left to the Shelton Police Department. “If there were any criminal violations — that would be up to the police to determine,” Burr said. “We’re only dealing with violations of student conduct.”

Burr declined to discuss the situation in more detail.