Shelton High replaces championship banners damaged in fire

SHELTON — The high school will be celebrating its rich history of athletic success with new championship banners. 

The Board of Aldermen recently approved using $4,260 in American Rescue Plan funds to purchase 27 new championship banners for the school’s Murray Gymnasium. 

"We are so appreciative of the Board of Aldermen's continued support of upgrading Murray Gymnasium,” said high school Principal Kathy Riddle. 

“The banners represent the rich history of athletic accomplishments of Shelton High School teams dating back to the 1930s,” Riddle added. “It is important as an educational institution that we continue to honor their legacy." 

The gymnasium floor was replaced, and the walls repainted last summer after the area suffered water damage from a broken sprinkler. Riddle said some of the banners were also damaged after the fire at the school in 2008. 

"The gym floor was completely redone and last summer the walls were painted so we needed to remove the banners,” Riddle said. “Some of them were damaged in the fire and stained with soot.” 

Mayor Mark Lauretti told the aldermen prior to the vote that this allows for the school to offer a more professional display of the championship banners. 

“We are excited to continue to upgrade our gym space,” Riddle said.