Shelton High seniors go back to the beginning

SHELTON — High school seniors practiced their procession skills in the halls where their school careers all began.

Graduating seniors, donning cap and gown, visited the elementary schools they once attended this week. Students in the schools held up signs, fist bumped and cheered for the seniors as they walked the halls and playgrounds of their old stomping grounds.

“I am not sure who enjoys it more, the students or staff,” Elizabeth Shelton School Principal Jamie Weber said.

Seniors walked the halls at Mohegan, Elizabeth Shelton, Long Hill, Booth Hill and Sunnyside schools in what has become a tradition in the school system.

Weber said the students “had a blast” on the playground, doing the parachute in the gym and just reminiscing.

“It is so nice to see and talk to the graduates,” Weber added. “Current ESS students get excited for when it is their turn. Each class made cards and signs for the graduates to take with them as well.”

This was good practice for the seniors, who will be officially graduating on June 22 at Finn Stadium.

“I think this is such a special event for the graduates because it brings them back to their roots,” said Long Hill School Principal Andrea D’Aiuto. “Elementary teachers and their elementary school experiences play such an important part in shaping who they are today and to welcome them back is an amazing feeling.”

D’Aiuto said the younger students make posters and cheer on the soon-to-be grads.

“They are so excited to hear their stories about when they were LHS students,” D’Aiuto said.

D’Aiuto said she is extremely grateful for this day “because I was lucky enough to have taught many of them when I was a fourth-grade teacher at LHS. This experience is so positive and exciting for all involved.”