Shelton High students, staff show off talents in benefit event

SHELTON —High school students and staff took center stage Thursday for a good cause.

Shelton High’s Distributive Education Clubs of America (DECA) Chapter held its annual Hall of Fame talent and fashion show in the school’s auditorium, with proceeds from the event benefiting Health Well Foundation and the chapter itself.

“The fashion show truly brings together students and friends alike with a common vision, not just within the club, but throughout the school and community as well,” said Joseph Ciambriello, a senior and co-president of the club.

“This year, a portion of the proceeds was allocated toward Health Well Foundation, a non-profit organization with the purpose of helping the uninsured afford medical costs,” he added.

The school’s DECA chapter is for those students interested in business and marketing. The purpose of DECA is to prepare young leaders in marketing, hospitality and management in high schools and colleges.

Ciambriello said the club primarily focuses on business and leadership skills.

“Essentially, its purpose is to offer greater exposure to the world of business and marketing in the scope of reality,” said Ciambriello, adding that there are some 20 active members with between 30 and 50 enrolled.

Students in DECA can annually participate in a state competition. Students who excel in their event may even proceed to compete internationally. DECA also handles the school store and occasionally sells apparel.

“Superficially, this club may seem appealing only to business-oriented individuals,” Ciambriello said. “Beneath the surface, though, the experiences and leadership skills gained have implications in many other areas of life.

“DECA is a club that motivates students to carry out their aspirations — not only their career goals, but personal ambitions, too,” he added.