Shelton High tennis courts, parking lot work underway

People pulling into Shelton High School will see work underway on the tennis courts and parking lot.
That is the result of the city of Shelton winning its appeal to the state, which had initially denied the city’s plan to use funds received from the state’s Local Capital Improvement Program (LoCIP)". Board of Aldermen President John Anglace had stated that the city appealed, and he acknowledged this week that that appeal was granted.
The Board of Aldermen, at its March 14 meeting, had approved $150,000 for work on the high school tennis courts and $100,000 for work on the school’s parking lot — all of which would come from LoCIP funds. Mayor Mark Lauretti said that, while final costs remain unknown, this LoCIP money and $150,000 in city funds have moved this work forward.
Anglace said that the tennis court project work included digging around the courts and taking the black top millings to use in the parking lot project.
The state’s Local Capital Improvement Program distributes formula-based entitlement funds to municipalities to reimburse the cost of eligible local capital improvement projects, such as road, bridge or public building construction work.
A municipality must request and be granted project authorization by the state’s Office of Police and Management (OPM)" in order to be eligible for reimbursement for allowable project costs.