SHELTON — With the coronavirus pandemic keeping so many indoors, the Shelton Historical Society is taking to social media in an attempt to spark interest in its organization and educate residents about their city’s history.

Each day, the society is offering a virtual tour of its latest exhibit, Buried Treasure, Shelton’s Heritage Unearthed. This exhibit explores some of the rarely seen items in the collection and will be available for viewing in person once the society is once again open to the public.

“We are not able to work in the office during this time, but we thought we could maintain a presence by posting photos along with brief explanations of items in the exhibit that we have in the Brownson House,” said society Executive Director Tracey Tate.

The society began posting on April 1, and Tate said the plan is to continue through mid-May.

“Since everyone is spending a lot of their home time on social media, we are gaining an audience and hoping they’ll stick with us when we can open doors to the public again and resume our activities, programs, fundraisers,” Tate said. “We’ll need everyone’s support.”

To learn more about the Shelton Historical Society, visit the organization’s Facebook page.