Shelton Intermediate announces September winners

The Shelton Intermediate School recently announced its September award winners.

The students of the month winners are as follows:

Team Acceptance - Ryan Costanzo and Gizel Moonrose.

Team Fortitude - Giancarlo Sorrentino and Abigail Park.

Team Resilience - Noah Sciongay and Katie Nam.

Team Compassion - Shane Colligan and Olivia Jansen.

Team Perseverance - Jack Parkes and Julia Sutcliffe.

Team Determination - Nicholas Gergely and Miriam Wulff.

Team Integrity - Paul Zint and Lily Banks.

Team Unity - Matthew Dean and Elena Salluhi.

Unified Arts - Ray Hunter and Jenna Re.

The Shelton Intermediate School “What You Do Matters” Character Award was given to the following students:

Team Acceptance - Jerod Abraham

Team Fortitude - Brianna Stewart

Team Resilience - Eric Basso

Team Compassion - Oluwatise Soremekun

Team Perseverance - Anna Zordan

Team Determination - Marissa Manzo

Team Integrity - Arthur Oliveira

Team Unity - Avery Shreders

Unified Arts - Kristina Bratz and Lucas Narvaez