SHELTON - The intermediate school has named its students of the month and character award winners for October.

The students of the month are Ava Quigley and Jacob Arnaldo (Team Acceptance); Latifa Ndikumana and Nathan Baena (Team Fortitude); Cali Taylor and Jake Gildea (Team Resilience); Anthony Vournazos and Valeryia Adamenia (Team Unity); Kady Middeker and David Tsytko (Team Determination); Shane Nordvall and Olivia Jurgiewicz (Team Integrity); Abigail Park and Julien Moretti (Team Endurance); Sofia Onofrio and Christian Fatsy (Team Compassion); and Elias Elias and Ryan Straborny (Unified Arts).

“What You Do Matters” Character Awards are Isabella Pettway (Team Acceptance); Lia Pezo Candelario (Team Fortitude); Scarlett Kovarczi (Team Resilience); Ralphael Reinheimer (Team Unity); Benjamin Souza (Team Determination); Abigail Montero (Team Integrity); Mateus Puttock (Team Endurance); Marianne Gazza (Team Compassion) and Ethaniel Ortega and Jeremy Wojtowicz (Unified Arts).