Shelton Intermediate School recently announced its Students of the Month and “What You Do Matters” Character Awards for October.

The winners for Students of the Month are Team Acceptance: Arba Kacorri and Dimitri Mysirlidis; Team Fortitude: Madison Jensen and Cory Bruce-Tagoe; Team Resilience: Saffron Hallett and Andrew Moore; Team Compassion: Salina Clemenete and Preston Hyner; Team Perseverance: Stacey Ritenour and Christian deMelo; Team Determination: Xiomara Pierre and William Schiappa; Team Integrity: Adam Klein and Anastasia Reilly; Team Unity: Ava Vojtek and McBenedict Mweze; and Unified Arts: Emma Bookbinder.

The school’s “What You Do Matters” Character Awards went to Team Acceptance: Max Cartolano; Team Fortitude: Jenna Serino; Team Resilience: Hayden Anderson; Team Compassion: Andre Zanim; Team Perseverance: April Torres; Team Determination: John Darmiento; Team Integrity: Maja Shallow; Team Unity: Roberto DeSantis; and Unified Arts; Brianna Stewart and Andrew Moore.