Shelton P&Z: Looking at PDDs

The Planning & Zoning Commission may hold a special meeting in December to discuss the idea of enacting a moratorium on Planned Development Districts (PDD).

Commission member Mark Widomski has suggested the idea and said delaying action on it just means more PDD applications will be submitted.

“It’s pretty clear there is an issue. PDDs are being used where they never should be,” said Widomski, adding he does think “the original intent is a good idea.”

Opponents have criticized the frequent use of PDDs in Shelton for allowing zone changes, encouraging spot zoning, permitting projects in inappropriate areas, and for being used on small parcels.

Proponents of PDDs have said they give the P&Z greater control over what specifically happens at a development site.

At the Nov. 13 P&Z meeting, Conservation Commission Chairman Tom Harbinson said residential developers are using PDDs to avoid the subdivision requirement to set aside 10% of land.

City planning consultant Anthony Panico said he’ll begin working on possible moratorium language, perhaps recommending PDDs only be allowed in “special development areas.”

— Brad Durrell