SHELTON — Plans to sell two city parcels have been put on hold, at least for the time being.

The Planning and Zoning Commission, at its remote meeting Tuesday, unanimously voted to table two requests from the mayor’s office asking for positive referrals on city-owned properties — one listed at 0 Long Hill Avenue, a second at 68 Cornell St.

Planning and Zoning is required to offer a referral before the Board of Aldermen can authorize a sale of city property.

The 0 Long Hill Avenue parcel is described as a rectangular strip of land 50 feet wide, 411 feet in length, and located in a residential zone.

“The city has no use for the property, and it is now a vacant piece of property,” stated city Administrative Assistant Jack Bashar in a letter dated April 28 to the commission. Bashar added that, with the sale, “the property will then be added back to the city’s tax rolls.”

Bashar provided a map with the referral request but commissioner Jimmy Tickey questioned whether it was accurate. Tickey wanted to verify that the strip was all that was being sold, and not a larger piece connected to the lot.

“The address and the site map from the mayor’s office do not seem to match the publicly available maps,” said Tickey. “I believe our commission will need more information to move forward with a referral for the city to sell this open space, which seems to connect valuable open spaces in the Long Hill Avenue corridor.”

Tickey, when he motioned to table the referral, also asked for comment from the Conservation Commission on the property as well.

“The property referenced as ‘0 Long Hill Avenue’ is not a 50-foot by 411-foot property as alleged in the administrative assistant’s letter nor the assessor’s map. The property is 29.04 acres. It is a single piece of property purchased by the city as public open space,” added Tickey.

Bashar was not present to answer any questions, so the commissioners tabled the request.

The commission also tabled the referral on the 68 Cornell St. parcel, a vacant piece of property used as off-street parking. The rectangular parcel, which is .11 acres, sits at the corner of Coram Avenue and Cornell Street in another residential zone.

Bashar, in his letter, stated that the city has “no use for the property,” which is what is prompting the plans to sell the land.

The commission tabled the request because members had questions about whether it was worthwhile to get rid of property used, even unofficially, as city parking.

The commission did offer a positive referral for the city’s proposed purchase of two parcels of land on Grove Street owned by Henry Joseph Lepri Jr. The property consists of two parcels, some 0.1 acres each. A small single-family home is on one of the parcels.

P&Z Administrator Alex Rossetti said the parcels sit across the street from the Richard O. Belden Cultural Center and could be used for excess parking.

The two lots are listed as 45 Grove St. and 0 Grove St. The assessor card for 45 Grove St. lists the total market value of the building and land at $181,101. The assessor card for 0 Grove St. lists the property value at $15,500.