SHELTON — The police headquarters locker rooms and gym are now open on a limited basis, Chief Shawn Sequeira confirmed Tuesday.

The gym and locker rooms have been closed since May, the chief stated, in response to the pandemic. Sequeira said that the department at the time had two staffers test positive for COVID-19 and another 20 file for workman’s compensation after complaints of possible exposure.

The police chief limited use of headquarters locker rooms and bathrooms for both men and women and set up portable toilets for patrol officers in the parking lot. Sequeira said officers can still use the bathrooms at the farmer’s market building or use their residence, if granted permission.

“Hopefully we will not have to shut them down again,” Sequeira said. A substantial increase in COVID-19 cases in the state could put into effect gubernatorial executive orders limiting access, he said.

The men’s locker rooms are limited to four at one time; the women’s locker room and supervisors’ area are limited to two at one time. The gym is limited to no more than two, with a sign-out sheet, Sequeira said.

Union representative Mike Lewis said union officials had not received the policy and could not comment.

Sequeira said the areas had been cleaned with some updating to flooring and ceilings during the closure. That work was completed earlier this month.