SHELTON — Shelton Police Department promoted two sergeants and added a new officer on Wednesday.

John Staples Jr., a Bridgeport police officer for the past four years, took the oath from Mayor Mark Lauretti as Chief Shawn Sequeira and other department members looked on during a ceremony in the mayor’s office.

“John was very impressive throughout the whole interview process,” said Sequeira, adding that Staples received incredible recommendations from all levels of the Bridgeport force. “He’s level-headed and has a strong background with the school systems in Bridgeport. His background is impressive.”

Sequeira said Staples will only need a couple weeks of training before he will be ready for the Shelton streets.

Lauretti also officiated the promotion of sergeants Michael Lawrence and Thomas Lindberg to lieutenant.

"Both of them bring more than 20 years of law enforcement experience to their new roles,” said Sequeira.

Lawrence is one of the department’s longest serving sergeants, serving in several other units in the Shelton force where he has been a member for some three decades. Lindberg has two decades of law enforcement experience.

"They were great sergeants and will now have a direct impact as commanding officers in the community,” Sequeira said.

With the hiring of Staples, the department now stands at 50 members, seven of whom are lieutenants. Sequeira said the department is also posting positions for two captains and one deputy chief, all which could be filled from within.