Shelton PD warns of Bango ‘spoof’ phone scam

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Shelton Police

Shelton Police

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SHELTON — Shelton police are investigating more than a dozen complaints from people stating they received a call from Shelton Detective Richard Bango demanding gift cards be sent to a specific address.

Shelton Police Lt. Robert Kozlowsky said the caller ID displays the legitimate police department number — 203-924-1544.

“The caller states either there is a warrant for the person’s arrest or that they need to talk to them about an urgent matter,” said Kozlowsky. “The caller will then demand gift cards be sent to an address. The address is a legitimate address, but the caller will then ask for the gift card number and pin over the phone.”

Kozlowsky said no legitimate law enforcement officer will demand cash or gift cards from a member of the public.

“Scammers are now going online and getting actual officers’ names to make the scam look legitimate,” said Kozlowsky. “Scammers can rig a caller ID to look like they’re calling from the police department. This is called spoofing. Scammers can easily spoof a caller ID to try to gain your trust.”

Kozlowsky said anyone who receives a phone call from someone stating they are a Shelton police officer and are unsure if it is legitimate, regardless of the caller ID, tell them you will call them right back on the non-emergency line to ensure they are the right person.

“And again Shelton police officers will not demand cash or gift cards from a member of the public,” added Kozlowsky.

The non-emergency line of the Shelton Police Department is 203-924-1544.