Shelton's Perillo running unopposed for 113th District House seat

Jason Perillo

Jason Perillo

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Incumbent State Rep. Jason Perillo is running unopposed to represent the 113th District, which covers only Shelton.

Perillo, 45, a Republican, is seeking his ninth consecutive term. A former volunteer chief of Shelton’s Echo Hose Ambulance, who was first elected in 2007, Perillo easily won reelection in 2020, earning 64 percent of the vote — a greater percentage of votes than any other candidate on the ballot in Shelton.  

Hearst Connecticut Media asked the candidate what he considered the top issues in his district and what he would do about them. Here are his responses: 

Jason Perillo 

Town of residence: Shelton 

Education: BSBA Georgetown University; MBA Boston College; MPA Harvard University 

Political/civic experience: Planning and Zoning Commission, Board of Aldermen, State Representative 

Top two issues: First, I am focused on delivering funding and driving policy that aids Shelton's economic development and infrastructure improvement. This includes funds for downtown parking, Canal Street enhancement, and Constitution Boulevard's economic expansion.

Low property taxes are essential but that can make capital expenditures difficult. I can help to bridge that gap with grants and state funding. I believe we can have low taxes as well as quality infrastructure. I’ve done this with state money for Constitution Boulevard’s economic development, Canal Street improvements, Shelton Intermediate School, and the renovation of the Derby-Shelton Bridge.

Second, we must hold criminals accountable for their actions and give law enforcement officers the tools they need to do their jobs. No officer should be fearful that doing their job responsibly will cause legal and financial catastrophe. Crime in Connecticut is on the rise because criminals know that there are minimal consequences, and the hands of the police are tied.