Shelton Republican primaries today

Photo of Brian Gioiele

The battle between Team Lauretti and Here for Shelton comes to a head today, Tuesday, Sept. 10.

The Republican primaries will have 22 total names on the ballot, from Board of Aldermen to Board of Education to Planning & Zoning Commission. Polling hours are 6 a.m. to 8 p.m., with registered Republicans voting in their respective wards.

Republican voters in Ward 1 cast their ballots at Elizabeth Shelton School; Ward 2 at Shelton Intermediate School; Ward 3 at Long Hill School; and Ward 4 at Mohegan School.

Mayor Mark Lauretti has spent weeks urging Republicans to band together against individuals he called “dissidents” who are attempting to “hijack the Republican party in Shelton.” His attacks are focused on Here for Shelton, a Republican group started by Anne Gaydos, Mark Holden, Tom Minotti, Mike Gaydos, Peter Squitieri, Greg Tetro, Chris Jones and Jim Capra. All but Capra were passed over by the Republican Town Committee at last month’s caucus. Jones was a longtime Democrat — with one failed mayoral bid against Lauretti — who recently switched parties.

Running for the Board of Education are the RTC-endorsed incumbents Dr. Darlisa Ritter and Kathy Yolish, along with Carl Rizzo, Jim Orazietti, Ben Perry, Don Stanziale, Jr., Ruth Parkins, John Fitzgerald and Amy Romano. Left off were present board Chair Holden, Gaydos and board Vice Chair Minotti, who forced primaries.

The RTC also voted to endorse the present board - Aldermen President John Anglace, and Cris Balamaci (third ward), Anthony Simonetti and David Gidwani (first ward), Stanley Kudej and Eric McPherson (second ward), and Noreen McGorty and Jim Capra (fourth ward) — for another term.

Tetro and Squitieri are seeking spots in the third ward, while Mike Gaydos is running for the second ward.

Capra, who was unanimously supported in his run for re-election in the Board of Aldermen’s fourth ward, now faces a fight from Bernie Simons. Simons, who was present at Monday’s fundraiser, was a surprise primary candidate for the fourth ward and is backed by some RTC members in his efforts.

The RTC endorsed Ginny Harger, Ned Miller and Charlie Kelly for Planning & Zoning, and Jones forced a primary to have his name on the ballot come November.

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