Shelton Walgreens seeks zoning OK to operate 24 hours a day

The Planning and Zoning Commission (P&Z) will consider an application to let the Walgreens on Bridgeport Avenue operate 24 hours a day.

The chain drug store in the Center at Split Rock retail complex has been operating around the clock for a few months now, according to employees and signage at the store, although zoning permission has not been granted to do so.

The Walgreens is in a Planned Development District (PDD), a zoning classification that gives the P&Z the ability to control operating hours.

Before the switch to being open 24 hours a day, the Walgreens had closed at midnight.

Rick Schultz, city P&Z administrator, said an application has been received to let the Walgreens be open around the clock. The application involves representatives of the store and the Blakeman family, who own the shopping complex.

The P&Z is expected to act on the application at its Feb. 11 meeting.

Property owners was contacted

Schultz said he contacted the Blakeman family on the need to file an application after becoming aware of the changed hours at Walgreens.

The extended hours are symbolic of increased activity in that part of town, which has a cluster of hotels due to nearby corporate offices.

“It’s a sign of the times that someone wants to be open 24 hours on Bridgeport Avenue,” Schultz said. “They’re trying to capture that market.”

The Walgreens is at 700 Bridgeport Ave., at the intersection with Old Stratford Road.

Schultz said Shelton has no regulations to control hours of operation in most zones, with PDDs being an exception.

The Stop & Shop on Bridgeport Avenue used to be open 24 hours on six days a week, but that no longer is the case. A gas station with a convenience store on the other end of Bridgeport Avenue, on the edge of downtown Shelton, is open around the clock.