Shelton aldermen agree to fund upgrade plan at football stadium

SHELTON - Finn Stadium upgrades could be on the way following a Board of Aldermen vote Thursday.

The board, at its meeting Thursday, approved $26,000 to hire WBA Group, Inc., to prepare plans for renovations to the concession stand - including expansion and updates to the existing concession room, construction of new restrooms and necessary roof work.

The improvements, according to WBA Group Inc.’s submission to the aldermen, will also bring the concession stand into ADA and health code requirements.

“(The concession stand) has needed renovations for a while,” Alderman Anthony Simonetti said before joining his fellow board members in approving the spending request.

Other business

In other business, the aldermen also approved spending $35,000 for renovations to city-owned property at 45 Grove St.

This property was purchased in 2020, when Mayor Mark Lauretti stated that the site could be used for needed parking at the nearby Richard O. Belden Cultural Center, located at 54 Grove St.

The building at 45 Grove St. was to be razed to create the new parking area for the center, which houses Center Stage Theatre, Living Hope Church, the Registrar of Voters office, Team, Inc., Valley Regional Adult Education, and the Valley United Way.

The aldermen approved purchase of 45 Grove St. for $128,000 and the adjoining 0 Grove St. For $22,000 at the board’s meeting on May 14, 2020.

Lauretti has changed course on the property, at least for now, board President John Anglace, Jr., said, because parking is not as much of an issue at the center. Anglace said the mayor’s plan is to renovate and rent the home on the site to generate revenue for the city.

If parking ever becomes an issue again at the center, Anglace said the site could then be turned to parking as originally planned.

“If we let the house just sit, it will just deteriorate,” Anglace said. “The mayor’s thought is we might as well get started. Renovate it and rent out until it is determined that we must convert it to what was intended at the time of purchase.”

The aldermen also approved spending $500,000 in funds from the American Rescue Plan for road rehabilitation and $80,123 to demolish city-owned chicken coops at 27 Old Town Road. The city had purchased the property in 2013 for open space.