The Board of Aldermen will be creating a charter revision commission next month.

Board President John Anglace, Jr., made the announcement Thursday, Dec. 12, saying that the seven-member commission will be named at the board’s Jan. 9 meeting. Creation of the new commission requires two-thirds vote of the Board of Aldermen.

Anglace said no more than four of the seven members can be from one political party. The commission will be charged with completing its work and presenting a draft report to the aldermen so it can be placed in the 2021 municipal election ballot.

The commission must hold two public hearings - the first prior to the group beginning its work, the second after the draft report has been submitted to the Board of Aldermen. Anglace said the aldermen must also hold a public hearing on any recommended charter changes prior to it going to a vote.

Anglace said the last charter revision was completed in 2012, so “commencing the process at this time will bring us within the 10-year period. Since our Plan of Conservation & Development is reviewed on a 10-year cycle, it would be appropriate to conduct review of the charter on the same or similar cycle.”

At this point, Anglace said the Board of Aldermen’s responsibility is to appoint or not appoint a commission.

“By statute, the commission will decide their subject review agenda,” said Anglace. “The appointing authority has a role, but at this point in the process, we believe it appropriate to create the commission and let them get on with the process to provide everyone with subject suggestions. The Board of Aldermen will have plenty of opportunity to comment later.”

The aldermen approved payments of $2,681.25 and $2,458.50 to corporation counsel Fran Teodosio and assistant corporation counsel Thomas Cotter, respectively. The legal fees to Teodosio included some $200 in fees related to the city’s lawsuit against the Board of Education.

The aldermen also voted to pay $35,685 for the replacement of the boiler at the Echo Hose Fire House. City officials said that this was the building’s original boiler and needs replacement. The funds will come from aldermanic bonding.