Shelton-based Saisystems’ services provided in 39 states

Manoj Wadhwani, president of Shelton-based Saisystems International.

Manoj Wadhwani, president of Shelton-based Saisystems International.

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SHELTON — Saisystems Health has announced its services are assisting health care operations in 39 states.

Saisystems Health President Manoj Wadhwani said the company, which is a managed services partner for medical practices, provides financial, administrative, clinical and software solutions to help improve operations, ensure compliance and maximize reimbursements.

“This progress is not only attributed to our new clients, but to our established clients that have continued seeing growth despite the pandemic,” said Wadhwani. “To see this amount of growth during these troubled times is wonderful.”

The Shelton-based company supports practitioners who provide bedside services in skilled nursing facilities, long term care and assisted living facilities as well as mobile practices, many of which currently rely on telehealth to provide continuing care to vulnerable patients, Wadhwani said.

“As we entered the pandemic, our clients needed to pivot and adapt quickly,” said David Lane, Saisystems Health MSO vice president.

“They established new ways to provide care and revealed new opportunities,” Lane said. “We’re proud to see they not only survived, they flourished, proving that sustained growth is still possible even during the pandemic.”

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