Shelton car into building accident: ‘It was like a Hollywood movie’

John Discko stands near the wall in his Shelton office that a car smashed into on Monday morning. (Photos by Brad Durrell)
John Discko stands near the wall in his Shelton office that a car smashed into on Monday morning. (Photos by Brad Durrell)

John Discko was sitting at his office desk doing some work on his computer when he heard a noise on Monday morning.

The next thing he knew, a car smashed into the wall next to him at 770 River Road in Shelton.

The car, a Volvo, had been parked in a space directly in front of his office at Centrix, a dental implant manufacturer where he is executive vice president.

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A vehicle being driven on River Road (Route 110) apparently swerved into the Centrix/Mini Dental Implants of Connecticut parking lot and rammed into a few parked vehicles, including the Volvo, which then was pushed into the building’s brick facade.

“Someone on the road flew in here and hit all these cars,” said Discko, indicating it appears the accident began on River Road.

‘I was surprised’

Parts of the building wall crumbled and a window was smashed, only a few feet from where Discko had been sitting. Bricks and cinder blocks that formed the wall were tossed about, and the building’s rebar (reinforced metal) was visible.

A small table in his office had been up against the wall that was smashed.

“I was surprised more than scared,” said Discko, a Trumbull resident. “It was like a Hollywood movie — I was watching the wall just come in and then glass came down. It happened very quickly — it was over and that was it.”

He hurried out of his office to safety, and was not injured. No one in the building was injured, but a driver reportedly was taken away from the scene in an ambulance.

‘It absorbed the impact’

The Volvo that caused the damage to the building was unoccupied.

In fact, the parked Volvo may have protected Discko from serious injury. “Luckily a car was sitting there because it absorbed the impact,” he said.

He said it took a minute for other people in the Centrix building to realize what had occurred.

Dangerous stretch of road

Discko said the part of River Road in front of the Centrix/Mini Dental Implants of Connecticut building can be hazardous, with a lot of near-accidents.

“There have been a lot of close calls,” he said.

Cars travel fast on that stretch of Route 110, about a mile north of Sikorsky Aircraft. The Centrix/Mini Dental Implants building’s driveway entrance is next to the driveway for the Sports Center of Connecticut, which generates a lot of vehicular traffic. There is no traffic light.

“It’s kind of a dangerous intersection,” said Discko, with cars both entering and leaving the Sports Center so close to the Centrix/Mini Dental Implants of Connecticut driveway.

He said the biggest problem is when drivers heading northbound on River Road put their blinkers on to indicate they are turning into the Centrix/Mini Dental Implants driveway, just north of the Sports Center. Drivers waiting to pull out of the Sports Center then presume the vehicles are turning into the Sports Center and begin to pull out.