Shelton church food drive helps restock Spooner House

SHELTON — The city’s residents stepped up big time to help fill the Valley Food Bank at Spooner House on Saturday.

Huntington Congregational Church hosted the drive-thru food drive and collected enough food and supplies to fully pack two SUVs — approximately eight shopping carts. The goods were delivered to Spooner House later that same day.

"We are grateful to our community for donating and helping our neighbors,” said Rita Boland, Huntington Congregational Church member and volunteer.

Cars lined up as church volunteers gathered the items from donors’ vehicles.

“This food drive was a tremendous help,” said Liz Holcomb, Spooner House director of operations.

Holcomb praised the church’s Women’s Fellowship, which has organized the food drive annually for more than three decades.

“We are in good shape now,” Holcomb said, “but we are always looking for donations.”

Holcomb said that, along with the church event, there was also a Derby Lions Club food drive Saturday that helped bring quite a bounty in its own right.

The Valley Food Bank still needs pork and beans, chili, hash, Manwich, hearty soups, pancake syrup, rice and rice-type side mixes, mac and cheese, instant and canned potatoes, beans, jelly, crackers, granola bars, cookies, brownie mix, stuffing mix, alfredo sauce, white clam sauce, tomato sauce and scalloped potato mixes.

The shelter also needs cleaning solutions such as Simple Green, 409 and Lysol Disinfecting; disinfectant spray; Chapsticks for residents; toilet paper; and 15-gallon size trash bags.