Shelton church to host drive-thru food drive

Huntington Congregational Church

Huntington Congregational Church

Huntington Congregational Church / Contributed photo

SHELTON — Huntington Congregational Church will be hosting a drive-thru food drive Saturday to benefit the Valley Food Bank.

People can drive into the parking lot at the church at 19 Church St., open their trunk and volunteers will collect the donations.

The Valley Food Bank needs pork and beans, chili, hash, Manwich, hearty soups, pancake syrup, rice and rice-type side mixes, mac and cheese, instant and canned potatoes, beans (preferably cannellini and kidney), crackers, granola bars, cookies, brownie mix, stuffing mix, alfredo sauce, white clam sauce, tomato sauce, and scalloped potato mixes.

The shelter needs cleaning solutions such as Simple Green, 409 and Lysol Disinfecting; disinfectant spray; Chapsticks for residents; toilet paper; and 15-gallon size trash bags.

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