Shelton doctor’s license suspended for alleged paranoid behavior

The state Medical Examining Board, on Tuesday, April 16, suspended the license of a Shelton doctor for two years and placed his license on probation for four years after accepting a hearing panel’s finding that his paranoid behavior is affecting his ability to safely practice medicine.

The first two years of the probation runs at the same time as the suspension, which will be followed by two years of probation, the board’s memorandum of decision states.

During the probation, Dr. Nami Bayan must see a therapist. After the suspension ends, Bayan will not be allowed to have a solo practice and must practice medicine in a setting with other physicians during the probation, the order said.

In July, the state Department of Public Health had ordered Bayan to undergo a psychiatric evaluation after he had sent emails to the department alleging “corruption and organized crime” in the U.S. medical system, law enforcement and DPH, the memo said. He also made anti-Semitic comments in emails, the memo said.

Dr. Arturo Morales, a Hartford psychiatrist, examined Bayan and testified at a hearing in January that Bayan was loud, threatening, overbearing, paranoid and not responding to logic, the memo said. Morales said medication Bayan has been on following a head injury in 2011 may be affecting his condition, the memo said.

At Tuesday’s meeting, Bayan accused the hearing panel members, the board and DPH of treating him unfairly and damaging his career without evidence.

“There’s something wrong here,” he said. “There is a strong bias against me.”

He added “I’m not an anti-Semite” and “you are making trouble for me…you should have proof for everything.”

This story was reported under a partnership with the Connecticut Health I-Team, a nonprofit news organization dedicated to health reporting.