Shelton fire truck damaged in accident now at garage being evaluated

The fire truck that collided with an SUV in Shelton on Thursday now is at a service garage being inspected for damage. (Photos by Brad Durrell)

Shelton Fire Chief Fran Jones said it was taken to a garage in Derby “for evaluation.”

Jones said the accident appears to have damaged the pumper truck’s front bumper and the front intake suction, which is a pipe used to bring water into the truck from a hydrant. The truck has three intake suction pipes, located in different corners of the vehicle.

“We’re presuming it’s minimal damage,” he said. “It’s definitely not totaled ... It will be out of service for a week or two to be properly evaluated."

The Derby garage has a contract with the Shelton Fire Department for towing and mechanical services.

Depending on how extensive the damage is, the fire truck may have to be taken to a garage in North Haven that has the contract to do body work on Shelton’s fire vehicles.

Pumper trucks cost about $550,000. The damaged fire truck is a 2004 model.

Crash involved SUV, firetruck

Late on Thursday morning, the fire truck collided with a Nissan sports utility vehicle at the intersection of Shelton Avenue (Route 108) and Meadow Street, which is close to both the police station and Shelton High School.

Four firefighters were in the vehicle as it was being driven to respond to a call for help when the accident occurred.

The Nissan SUV received much more extensive damage. The driver was the only person inside that vehicle.

None of the five people involved suffered any serious injuries. “The good thing is that both the occupant of the SUV and the firefighters were not hurt,” Jones said.

Police are investigating

Jones said the accident is being investigated by the Shelton Police Department. Members of the police accident reconstruction team were at the scene after the incident.

The SUV driver remained in her car for an extended period after the incident, receiving help from firefighters while waiting for family members to arrive at the scene.

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