Shelton lawmakers sworn-in for new term

State Reps. Jason Perillo and Ben McGorty and State Sen. Kevin Kelly each took their oath of office on Wednesday, Jan. 9, commencing the 2019 legislative session.

The lawmakers will be entering a “long session,” which will run from Jan. 9 to June 5, during which all three are able to propose legislation and will be tasked with framing a two-year state budget.

“Ensuring that the state budget isn’t balanced through tax increases is the top priority in our agenda,” said Perillo. “Over the past eight years, Gov. Dan Malloy and legislative Democrats failed to restore our state’s economy. We have a new administration coming in and I hope Gov. Ned Lamont’s approach to tackling the budget crisis and attracting businesses is much different than his predecessors.”

McGorty agreed with Perillo’s assessment.

“We are already starting to see many legislative proposals coming from the other side of the aisle that are looking to raise taxes and place tolls throughout our state,” said McGorty. “Shelton residents can trust that we will be fighting against tolls and tax increases. We will be working on legislation that will decrease taxes and will keep residents and businesses here in Connecticut.

Kelly said that lawmakers need to finally realize that “Connecticut has to learn to live within its means.

“Just like our families do on a daily basis, we have to make budgets that prioritize our core needs over wants,” said Kelly. “This year, I’ll be working to continue efforts to protect core services without overburdening our families with new expenses.”

Kelly said he looks forward to working with lawmakers on both sides of the aisle to mitigate the state’s growing tax burdens and high cost of living.

“Together we need to focus on creating stability, growing jobs and protecting aid for the most vulnerable,” added Kelly. “I will also be working to protect funding to help seniors age in place and developing policies to reduce the costs of health care to make care truly accessible to all people. I look forward to tackling these challenges and hearing from the constituents I represent.”

Among the issues Shelton’s representatives plan to tackle this session are tolls, sports betting and the legalization of marijuana.