Shelton’s three Republican state legislators are criticizing the two-year budget unveiled by Democratic Gov. Dannel P. Malloy.

They said the proposed spending plan “strikes hardest at those he claims to be helping,” according to a Republican press release.

State Sen. Kevin Kelly and state Reps. Jason Perillo and Ben McGorty claimed the governor is “violating his repeatedly avowed pledge to not increase taxes,” and is continuing Connecticut down a path of policies that have produced anemic economic growth.

“The governor’s budget actually backtracks on the progress we have made regarding some aging-in-place initiatives,” said Kelly, claiming Malloy’s plan balances the budget “on the backs of Connecticut seniors and others.”

'Failure to deliver'

Perillo said the proposed budget “represents more of the same failure to deliver for Connecticut’s families, seniors and college graduates hoping to find work in the state they grew up in.”

According to McGorty, “This budget fails to support all of the people the governor claims it helps, and delivers the tab for higher taxes and increased spending right to the middle class.”

In his last budget, Malloy had offered about $550 million in tax breaks to take effect after the 2014 election, but “this new budget rolls back all but $62 million of those scheduled cuts while raising $915.6 million in new revenue,” according to the GOP release.

The legislators said Malloy wants to increase state borrowing, raise personal income taxes for single filers, “cement” the corporate surcharge tax indefinitely, and increase the business registration fee.