Shelton legislators concerned about possible Sikorsky sale, spin-off

Shelton’s three state legislators are expressing concern about possible changes at Sikorsky Aircraft, one of the region’s biggest employers.

Earlier this week, parent company United Technologies Corp. (UTC) announced it is considering “strategic alternatives” for its Sikorsky Aircraft business, which could include a spin-off or even sale of the helicopter manufacturing company.

More than 800 Shelton residents work at the large Sikorsky plant on Route 110 in Stratford, which is on the Shelton border.

‘We all have many questions’

“I am cautiously hopeful, but I do think we all have many questions that need to be answered first,” said state Sen. Kevin Kelly, whose district includes all of Shelton and most of Stratford.

“If Sikorsky were to separate from UTC and become a stand-alone company, I hope they would continue in their long history of innovation and advancement, and I hope they would remain loyal to the community that has always welcomed them and enabled the company to flourish,” he said.

“Stratford is Sikorsky’s home, and Sikorsky is an integral part of the town we call home. I hope this relationship will persevere. We need to preserve these jobs for the thousands of people who rely on them,” added Kelly, who lives in Stratford.

Must follow Aerospace Reinvestment Act

“UTC, and Sikorsky in particular, provide hundreds of jobs to residents of Shelton and other surrounding towns,” said state Rep. Jason Perillo, whose district includes more than half of Shelton.

“I was proud to support the Aerospace Reinvestment Act last year, which played a major role in strengthening Sikorsky Aircraft,” Perillo said.

“It will be essential that any changes implemented by UTC with regards to Sikorsky continue within the boundaries of the investment bill we passed and that those changes ensure the continued employment of the skilled employees currently working for Sikorsky," he said.

Concern on ‘potential alternatives’

“Sikorsky is so essential to this region’s economy and identity,” said state Rep. Ben McGorty, whose district almost half of Shelton as well as a small section of Stratford.

“I am concerned about what form these potential alternatives may take, and will be joining with my colleagues in working with state officials and UTC to see that whatever actions are taken are in harmony with the terms of the Aerospace Reinvestment Act, and preserve the jobs of the hard-working people of the region who are currently working for Sikorsky,” McGorty said.

All three of Shelton’s state legislators are Republicans.