Shelton man arrested on sex assault charge

Steven Figueroa

Steven Figueroa

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A Bridgeport police officer, already on administrative leave following his third arrest for domestic violence last month in Shelton, is now facing a sexual assault charge.

Steven Figueroa, 29, of Shelton, was arrested by Shelton police on Saturday, July 20, for first-degree sexual assault stemming from an incident that occurred on June 29, during which Figueroa was arrested for domestic violence.

“Further investigation revealed that Figueroa sexually assaulted the same victim from that night,” said Shelton Police Detective Richard Bango. “An arrest warrant was subsequently applied for and granted.”

Figueroa was released on a $75,000 bond and is scheduled to appear in Derby Superior Court on July 22.

Regarding the June 29 incident, Figueroa was charged Shelton police with third-degree assault, unlawful restraint, threatening and risk of injury to a child. He was released after posting $150,000 bond following an arraignment in Superior Court in Derby. The judge issued a protective order ordering Figueroa to have no further contact with his former girlfriend.

“My client maintains his innocence and we are awaiting the results of a further investigation in the case,” said Figueroa’s lawyer, Christian Young, after that hearing.

Shelton police said Figueroa is accused of beating his girlfriend in the face in front of their young child.

Last year, Figueroa was also placed on administrative duty after his second domestic violence arrest following an incident involving a different woman. In that case, officers were called to a home on Brooks Street for a dispute. When officers got there, they said, they saw Figueroa, who was armed, pushing and shoving some women in the street.

Police said Figueroa’s former girlfriend told officers that she and some friends had come home to find Figueroa intoxicated and waiting for her.

Police said the victim told them Figueroa, who had been ordered by a judge to stay away from the woman, had been stalking and harassing her and had called her cell phone 67 times.

When she had threatened to call police, she told officers, Figueroa responded, “My boys are coming and they ain’t gonna do (expletive) to me,” police said.

Officers took Figueroa’s gun away and placed him in the back of a police car. They later went to his home where they seized his police property and more guns, police said.

The charges were dropped in that case and Figueroa was reinstated as a police officer after completing a family violence program.

In November 2017, Figueroa was charged by Stratford police with third-degree criminal mischief and disorderly conduct after police said he broke the window of the former girlfriend’s car during a dispute.

Prosecutors later nolled or dropped that case after the woman said she did not want to pursue it.