Shelton named Best City to Live in CT by financial website

Shelton has been rated the Best City to Live in Connecticut by, a financial website that primarily focuses on topics involving credit cards.

The study ranked the state’s cities based on the crime rate, average commute time, median household income, residents’ education levels, and restaurants per capita. The study did not look at towns.

“Shelton takes top honors in our rankings thanks to its extremely low crime rate, short average commute and higher median income level,” according to the study.

'A major commercial hub' described Shelton as “a major commercial and manufacturing hub,” pointing out that large companies such as Bic Corp. and Latex International have facilities in the city.

“Home prices are significantly lower compared to nearby Stamford, making Shelton one of the most affordable places to live in the metro area,” the study stated.

The findings for Shelton

Here is how Shelton ranked in the five categories:

Odds of Being a Victim of a Violent Crime:  1 in 1,821

Commute time:  24.9 minutes

Income:  $83,755

Residents with a bachelor's degree or higher:  35.8%

Restaurants:  1 per 474 inhabitants

Of the Top Ten cities, Shelton had the lowest crime rate and the highest median household income.

The complete Top Ten

1. Shelton

2. Stamford

3. Norwalk

4. Danbury

5. Bristol

6. New London

7. Norwich

8. Meriden

9. New Haven

10. West Haven

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