Shelton native awarded for connecting engineers globally

University of Bridgeport’s School of Engineering Associate Dean Dr. Khaled M. Elleithy and Dean/Senior Vice President for Graduate Studies Dr. Tarek Sobh of Shelton  set out to change the way that engineers connect globally.

Conferences can get very time consuming and costly so a new way to connect engineers around the world proved to be necessary. UB has won a Connecticut Quality Improvement Award Competition (CQIA) Gold Innovation Prize for the advancements they have made thus far.

CQIA awards recognize organizations from manufacturing, service, education, government agencies, and other not-for-profits that develop products, services, or processes that are new to Connecticut and have reached their internal or external markets in the last five years.

Sobh and Elleithy’s contributions were first made ten years ago, when they launched the International Joint Conferences on Computer, Information, Systems Sciences, and Engineering, known as CISSE.

CISSE was the first online engineering conference in the world, and at the time, Elleithy said, “it was an unheard of solution” because anyone with an Internet connection — authors, presenters, and attendees — could participate.

“It attracted people who typically couldn’t go,” Elleithy said. “We have people from the U.S., from Asia, from Africa — from many, many countries.”

Held annually since 2005, CISSE participants have submitted more than 6,000 research papers. Half of those have been published by Springer, the world’s largest engineering publisher, and they are easily accessible here.