Shelton native’s vision of success was crystal clear

SHELTON — Three years ago Makayla Kraynak was a fledgling hair stylist some three years ago, fresh out of school, starting her own business alone with no customers.

The pressure was becoming overwhelming for the newly minted small businesswoman. Then she decided to embrace what she called the law of attraction — the belief that energy attracts “like energy.”

That positive thinking led to her current successful business, Kraynak said.

“I was scared,” the Shelton native said about her hair stylist operation based in 96 square feet of space at REI Plaza in Milford three years ago. “Starting a new business. No clients. But I began using manifestation and law of attraction in my life and started to see success in my business.”

Essentially, she said, “I faked it until is made it.”

Kraynak’s business fortunes turned, she began to be fully booked, which prompted her to begin searching out larger space for not only her hair salon but also to share her love of crystals, which she believes assist in spirituality and calming.

That search ended in November with the opening of Butterfly & Sage, her new age salon and crystal shop.

“Everything has turned out extremely well,” she said as she worked on a client’s hair in her space in the newly constructed Cedar Village at Carrolls on Howe Avenue.

Kraynak specializes in balayage, a coloring technique, in addition to color corrections. She is a one-person operation, offering what she says is a low maintenance coloring option not promoted at larger salons.

She says, since she was a young girl, she always wanted to be a hair stylist. But her love and admiration for the impact of crystals came only a couple years ago.

“Hair has always been a passion of mine,” she said, “but spirituality and crystals became a part of life a few years ago. I knew I wanted to do something with both, and when I found this space, I knew it was the right time to bring both of my passions together.”

The shop offers customers a chance to purchase various crystals as well as a “safe space,” as she calls it, to come in, sit and enjoy spirituality in a calming atmosphere.

“Crystals are perfect for meditation, (and) great decor pieces,” she said. “It all depends in your belief system. I wanted to offer the beginner a friendly space to come in, ask questions or just sit and read and talk about it.”

Kraynak, now a Wallingford resident, grew up in Shelton, graduating from Shelton High before heading to the Paul Mitchell hairdressing school in North Haven. As she looked to grow her operation, she said Shelton was once again a place to call home.

“Downtown is so up and coming now,” she said about finally finding space on Howe Avenue.

Kraynak said she always believed success was out there for her.

“I want to always follow by dreams and where they take me. I never want to not take chance,” she said. “The pandemic did not impact my belief system. I always remain positive — and that’s why I’m here now.”