Shelton police pull over truck on bridge for being unsafe

Shelton police pulled over a truck carrying a trailer on Thursday night on the Derby/Shelton Bridge because it allegedly was considered to be unsafe for traveling on public roads. (Photos by Brad Durrell)

The trailer being pulled by the truck contained a piece of construction equipment similar to an excavator.

Multiple police cars with flashing lights were on the bridge, close to the Derby side, until about 10 p.m. Police officials said the original vehicle stop was made at 6:30 p.m.

Tow trucks had to make separate trips to take away the truck and then, later, the trailer with the piece of the construction equipment.

An officer at the scene said the vehicle had been spotted driving in Shelton and appeared to be unsafe for road travel.

Shelton police were joined by State Police at the scene after the vehicle was pulled over.

At least one flare also was used by law enforcement officials to illuminate the scene of the motor vehicle stop due to the high volume of traffic on Bridge St., which connects the downtowns of Shelton and Derby over the Housatonic River.

It took a long time to coordinate the removal of the truck and the trailer, perhaps due to their size and weight. During that time, many cars had to slow down and maneuver carefully to safely get by the scene.