Shelton police respond to bear sighting report

Shelton police responded to the report of a bear sighting on Thursday morning, at about 8 a.m. on Mill Street near Bridgeport Avenue.

“Responding officers weren’t able to find it,” Police Det. Chris Nugent said later on the same day, April 30.

Mill Street goes between Bridgeport Avenue and Buddington Road/Huntington Street, running parallel to the Far Mill River for much of that distance.

Another bear sighting — likely involving the same black bear — took place Thursday morning nearby on Wesley Drive, a road close to upper Buddington Road. A photo was taken of the bear on Wesley Drive.

Click below to see a photo of the bear spotted on Wesley Drive:

Concern for people’s pets

Jason McLain, Shelton animal control officer (ACO), said he had not been contacted about the bear sightings on April 30.

McLain said in the five years he has worked at the Shelton Animal Shelter, there has never been a call involving a bear in Shelton. He’s familiar with sightings in some nearby towns.

“It concerns me because of people’s pets,” he said.

McLain explained that an ACO focuses on domesticated animals, primarily dogs and cats, and when he receives reports of wildlife he works with the state Department of Energy and Environmental Protection’s Wildlife Division.