Shelton resident is Lauralton Hall valedictorian

Emily Discepola of Shelton was the valedictorian of Lauralton Hall’s Class of 2015, and during graduation remarks offered some important physics lessons that united students over the past four years.

Discepola said physics exists everywhere, especially at Lauralton.

She reminded her classmates that every object in a state of uniform motion tends to remain in that state of motion unless an external force is applied to it.

“On this campus, in this place, and over the time of the past four years, we have been set in motion, and no matter how great the obstacle that is in our path, the faculty at Lauralton Hall has given us the strength to overcome any challenge, to conquer both molehill and mountain,” said Emily, who will attend the University of Connecticut.

'We are now a force of good'

“The more we learned as we progressed in Lauralton’s classrooms and on her sports fields, the more academic acceleration and moral momentum we gained,” she said. “We, the Class of 2015, are now a force — a force of good to change the world.”

And she pointed out that the Class of 2015 learned that “working hard is an action that has an amazing reaction — learning.”

From Columbia to Cornell

Graduation took place May 30 at Lauralton Hall, a Catholic high school for girls in Milford.

Antoinette (Toni) Iadarola, school president, talked about the success of the class, with members being accepted at universities such as Columbia, Cornell, Georgetown, Vassar and Virginia Tech.

Jill K. Dion is editor of the Milford Mirror, another Hersam Acorn newspaper and website.