Shelton’s Blacks Hill Road buy highlights April property sales

The following property transfers were recorded in the Shelton City Clerk’s Office in April 2022.

The following property transfers were recorded in the Shelton City Clerk’s Office in April 2022.

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The following property transfers were recorded in the Shelton City Clerk’s Office in April.

47 Pine Tree Hill Road, Jorge Chiluisa and Victoria Chiluisa to Edison Chiluisa, $450,000.

18 Emily Lane, Thomas M. Delitto and Donna S. Delitto to Zuheyr Keklik and Hulya Keklik, $265,000.

114 Heather Ridge Unit No. 114, Michael Curran to Makayla L. Kraynak, $179,333.

1 Elderberry Lane, James Paul Beeman and Carly Marie Ciambriello to Patricia M. Dunn and William J. Maggio, $925,000.

327 Waverly Road, Philip D. Segneri to Peter M. Niles, $455,000.

56 Blacks Hill Road, Diana Krivensky to City of Shelton, $590,000.

19 Misty Lane, Alison Dasilva and Mark Dasilva to Philip D. Segneri, $700,000.

15 Pine Tree Hill Road, William R. Chapman to Kwadwao Ofori and Priscialla Y. Boachie, $725,000.

977 Howe Ave., Russell Reznik, Edward Reznik and Pearl Reznik to Aaron R. Tagliamonte and Audra Tagliamonte, $204,000.

4 Crab Apple Circle, Romano Brothers Builders, LLC, to Antonio M. Carella, Jr., and Laura M. Carella, $775,000.

73 Summerfield Drive, Joy L. Marino (exec), Jill M. Marino (exec), Janet Marino (estate) to Andreas A. Odysseos and Kallipoi A. Odysseos, $489,000.

21 Red Oak Circle, C&A Properties and Design, LLC, to Stylianos D. Stavrianos and Dimitrios Stavrianos, $340,000.

7 Ward Drive, Fairchild Heights, Inc., to Julieta Maria Chaves Martins, $30,000.

11 Darrin Drive, Susan Bento to Brendan Willstan O’Connor and Katherine Rachel Lapierre, $630,000.

69 Fawn Hill Road, Elise Cons Thomson and Irene Kalina (estate) to Bolanle M. Macaulay and Anthony Anderson, $535,000.

16 King St., Holly J. Tutoli and Gary R. Tutoli to Romaine Bent and Jasmine Cotto, $350,000.

145 Canal St. East Unit No. 2, Scott B. Prushko to Alexander Kowinko, $215,000.

1 Heather Ridge, Marie J. Schmedlin to Robert Sheck, $164,000.

Lot No. 1 Coram Gardens, Benjamin W. Perry, Jr., and Christen L. Perry to Scott Lanahan, $340,500.

77 Far Horizon Drive, Odette C. Batista to Emmanuela Andreus, Rolles Andreus, Robert J. Andreus, $525,000.

9 Trout Creek Road, Marsha R. Sherrin and Scott R. Sherrin to Lindsay M. Hillas and Alisha M. Ducatte, $825,000.

217-219 River Road, Carol Carino to Kimberly Carino, $100,000.

540 Asbury Ridge Road, David Veillette (exec), Patricia A. Veillette (estate) to Janet Lynn Martino, $231,000.

150 High Hill (Unit No. 150 Aspetuck Village), Lynn Shortell and Lisa Ann Hickey to Lynn Shortell, $101,833.

150 High Hill (Unit No. 150 Aspetuck Village), Michelle Rankin (admin), William B. Frank III (estate) to Lynn Shortell, $101,833.

801 Long Hill Road, Cygnus, LLC, to Heather A. Hannan, $450,000.

17 Fairview Ave., Acadia Design & Build, LLC, to Mariela Reyes, $489,900.

17 Brownson Drive, Arthur J. Poje and Caroline R. Poje to Tyler Wolff and Nicole R. Spano, $559,000.

50 Ten Coat Lane, Faye S. Prendergast to Hart Prendergast, $330,000.

Lot No. 4 Riverview Terrace, John M. Lebel, Jr., to Mabel Palmer-Seltzer (trust), $208,750.

14 Sheehy Lane, Keith B. Goncalves to Jordan Logan and Michelle Lee Logan, $350,000.

10 Rosewood lane, Robert J. May and Julia May to Christopher Maiorano, $870,000.

11 Westminster Ave., Christine Marie Pavone to Christina L. Camarillo and Kristin E. Camarillo, $500,000.

Unit No. 136 Woodland Park, Joan Wieler to Mark Rashan, $125,000.

75 Country Walk Unit No. 75, US Bank Trust National Association (trust) to Gabriela Depa, $275,000.

148 Dickinson Drive, David R. Wells and Kimberly J. Wells, to Nicholas Razzaia and Marcella Hundt, $455,000.

4 Tuxedo Ave., Brian Curry and Alexandra Curry to Zachary Vento and Lyanne Rivera, $405,000.

201 Nichols Ave., Zoltan Erdei and Angela Erdei to Sean Decoteau and Kristen Gordon, $495,000.

43 Middle Ave., Brian T. McGovern and Sandra McGovern to Brian Ferris, $410,000.

144 Running Brook Road, Jeffrey D. Basford, Rosalynn A. Basford, Jason A. Basford to Natalie Smith and Claudette Hamilton, $445,000.

11 Laurel Lane, Todd Norman Tetreault to Betty O. Asante and Francis Asante, $450,000.

65 1/2 Saginaw Trail, Michael Palmer to Lourdes Rodriguez, $355,000.

18 Forest Ave., Jonathan P. Botti to Veronica Clifford, $340,000.