Shelton's Long Hill students connect with kindness

SHELTON - Being forced into remote learning did not stop city schools from celebrating World Kindness Day on Friday.

Long Hill School students enjoyed the day doing projects with their teachers during their remote instruction times. Principal Andrea D’Aiuto said the goal of her school - and all in the city - is to remain connected even though students and staff cannot be together in a classroom.

“We still do whole school events like spirit days and theme days,” D’Aiuto said about using special events to keep students and teachers connected.

“Every Monday, we have a whole school lesson and activity focused around social emotional learning and social justice,” she said. “I ask for pictures for these whole school events and put a video together to share with the whole school … keeps everyone connected.”

D’Aiuto said she has also been hosting “Snack Chats,” where she meets with students who are home as a chance to just spend time talking to each other.