Shelton’s Wesley Village celebrates 50 years

Forty lush acres were flooded with residents, families and guests on Sunday, Sept. 15, as Wesley Village celebrated its 50th anniversary as the leading senior care provider in the area.

Children’s faces were painted, farm animals came for a visit, classic cars were on display, local restaurants provided food samples and live music was enjoyed by all.

More than 350 people were in attendance and guests’ ages ranged from a couple of months old to older than 100. There were activities for all ages to enjoy and the day earmarked decades of quality patient and resident care.

“It’s been a long time that we’ve been doing this work,” said President and CEO David Lawlor. ‘There were just people caring for other people. It started in a church with people noticing that fellow church members needed some help and they went out of their way to help them.

“I think the folks who started this mission back in the 1800s would be very proud of what we’re carrying forward today as an organization,” added Lawlor.

Wesley Village cares for hundreds of patients and residents annually and offers many senior living options ranging from independent living to skilled nursing care, said Lawlor. The many levels of support and care that residents have access to help them live out the best of their years by maintaining a good quality of life and enjoying each milestone.

“I feel secure living here and everyone is so nice. Everyone says ‘Hello’ and laughs. I don’t think you get many staff members like that at other places,” said Virginia Kristoff, resident at Crosby Commons.

Staff members brought residents and guests around the campus-wide events on golf carts so they could enjoy the activities which were spread across the property. Bishop Wicke Health & Rehab Center hosted a special classic car display and a DJ, there was a petting zoo and live music at Crosby Commons, and Wesley Heights had a bubble show, accordion player and lots of great food provided by Misimi Restaurant, Amici’s, Heavenly Donuts, David Grant caterers, Vazzy’s Cusina, and wood-fired pizza made by our own culinary team.

“Not many people have the opportunity to have a tangible impact on someone else’s life, day in and day out. I am proud of the work that I do, to be able to serve our residents, and enjoy their positive energy every day,” said Benjamin Schiano, executive director of Wesley Heights.

The Wesley Village Campus is located at 580 Long Hill Avenue in Shelton and includes: Crosby Commons Independent/Assisted Living Community, Wesley Heights Independent/Assisted Living Community, Lifestyle Transitions Assisted Living/Memory Support Community, and Bishop Wicke Health and Rehabilitation Center. The campus is owned and operated by UMH, a local, mission-based, not-for-profit organization.