Shelton school board taps Santilli for central office post, Weber for ESS principal

Photo of Brian Gioiele

SHELTON — Two familiar faces are in new places as the school district continues filling major vacancies.

Only days after appointing new directors of special education and technology, the Board of Education Tuesday unanimously approved the appointment of Jamie Weber as principal at Elizabeth Shelton School and Kristen Santilli as director of curriculum, instruction and data.

“Not only do they possess the education, certification, knowledge of skills and core studies and wealth of experiences, they both have the leadership and confidence to competently lead Shelton public schools on the path to excellence,” said board Chair Kathy Yolish about the appointments.

Yolish said both Santilli and Weber are empathetic and compassionate in dealing with their colleagues and will listen to suggestions and maintain honest and open dialogue with everyone with whom they work.

“I am excited for both Kristen Santilli and Jamie Weber and look forward to witnessing their successes in this next step of their careers,” added Yolish.

Santilli moves from her post as principal at Mohegan School to the newly created position of director of curriculum, instruction and data.

“Kristen’s background includes both building level and central office experience,” said interim Superintendent Beth Smith.

“Working as the supervisor of literacy, assessment and professional learning preK-12 provides her with familiarity of some of the work she will be doing in curriculum, instruction and data management,” added Smith.

The new position combines the responsibilities of the two supervisor positions in the Office of Teaching and Learning which were cut as part of the Board of Education’s recent $3 million reductions needed to meet the city’s approved school budget.

Santilli served as the principal of Long Hill Elementary School for three years and Mohegan Elementary School for the past three years. Prior to her principal posts, she served for four years as the district’s supervisor of literacy, assessment and professional learning preK-12.

She began her career as a special education teacher in New York, served as a second grade classroom teacher and reading consultant in Easton, a language arts consultant in Fairfield, part-time assistant principal in Wilton and assistant principal in Norwalk.

Weber returns to Elizabeth Shelton School, where she had been an assistant principal in the past, replacing longtime Principal Bev Belden who retired at the end of this past school year.

Overall, Weber has worked for the Shelton public schools for the past 27 years. She served as the assistant principal of Elizabeth Shelton and Long Hill Elementary schools from 2017-19 until the position was eliminated because of budget cuts.

She also served as an interim assistant principal at Shelton High School.

Weber was an instructional interventionist at Perry Hill School, implementing Tiers 2 and 3 intervention and served as a classroom teacher at Elizabeth Shelton, Lafayette, Sunnyside, Booth Hill and Mohegan schools.

“Jamie’s background serving in multiple roles in the district over the years have prepared her well for the principal position,” said Smith. “Having served as assistant principal at Elizabeth Shelton School and her familiarity with the staff and many of the students and parents are an advantage.”