Shelton school bus routes online

While the start of school remains in limbo, Shelton Student Transportation Services has posted the 2019-20 bus routes on the district’s website. To see the routes as presenting constituted, visit the school district website.

More information on the school schedule is expected later today, only hours after dozens of residents converged on city hall to voice displeasure with the present student transportation situation.

Shelton’s public schools were to open Sept. 3, but school Superintendent Dr. Chris Clouet announced on Aug. 30 that the opening was on hold, tentatively set for Wednesday, Sept. 4, since he was unable to confirm that the city had enough drivers or if those drivers in hand had all been certified by state Department of Motor Vehicle officials.

Mayor Mark Lauretti said the now city-run operation, Shelton Student Transportation Service was only three drivers short when Clouet announced his decision. Lauretti said he was confident that the city would have the necessary drivers, even if he needed to subcontract for those drivers just to get school open on time.