SHELTON — Shelton schools have announced a schedule for students to retrieve personal items from school buildings as the school year winds down in quarantine.

The list of procedures and expectations to be followed by parents and students coming for the clean-outs set for next week, according to interim Superintendent Beth Smith, were developed in conjunction with several members of the Shelton Public Schools Health Emergency Planning Committee.

“School administrators and Shelton public schools security officers will be on hand to facilitate the clean-outs and to ensure that expectations are being adhered to,” said Smith. “As the health and safety of our employees, students, parents and the community are paramount, anyone not following expectations will be asked to leave the facility.”

Smith said social distancing guidelines must be followed while on a school campus, and a limited number of students will be allowed into the building at one time. While in the building, Smith said, people must maintain a 6-foot distance between other individuals. No in-person contact or physical contact of any kind will be allowed.

“While students may see employees in the buildings, employees are there to clean out their rooms,” said Smith. “Students may say a quick “hello;” this is not the time for conversations and to socialize. Employees are not being rude, they have a limited amount of time to complete a large task.”

Designated times for each clean-out session are 1 to 3 p.m. only. Elementary schools will be open May 18; Perry Hill (for fifth graders), Shelton Intermediate School (for seventh graders) and Shelton High (for ninth graders) on May 19; Perry Hill (for sixth graders), SIS (for eighth graders), and SHS for 10th graders) on May 20; and last calls for Perry Hill and SIS students and pickups for 11th graders and Transition Program students on May 21.

On May 22, elementary schools will hold a last call for those students unable to report during the designated times. SHS seniors will also be able to go to school to collect their belongings.

On May 26 will be the last call for SHS and Transition Program students who were unable to report during designated times.

All buildings will be closed on June 1, with summer cleaning to begin.

Smith said all parents and students must adhere to the following procedures:

Per Connecticut guidelines, any student/parent who is sick, is known or suspected to have been exposed to COVID-19 should not report to the school at the designated time.

Students will only be allowed to enter the building during the designated time. There will be no exceptions.

Per Connecticut law, every student/parent must wear a face mask/covering when reporting to school. Face mask/covering will not be provided; students/parents must provide their own face mask/covering. Anyone without a face mask/covering will not be allowed to enter the building.

Students must appropriately wear a face mask/covering from the time they enter the building until the time they exit the building.

Parents with proper face mask/covering will be allowed to enter the elementary schools to assist their children in retrieving their belongings if necessary. Parents will not be allowed into Perry Hill, SIS or SHS for any reason.

Students are strongly encouraged to bring your own bags/boxes to carry their belongings. Students will be allowed in the building one time so it is imperative they are prepared to carry out all their belongings.

Students will be entering their school’s main entrance and exiting a side entrance. The exit doors will be communicated to students/parents when they report to the school.

Parents must report during the designated time to pick up any medications. Parents will not be allowed in the building but will sign off for receipt of the medication at the front door. Any medication not picked up on the designated days will be disposed of.

No food, drink, staff appreciation gifts or items of any kind will be allowed in the building.

Elementary students will pick up the Governor’s Summer Reading Challenge bookmark that will be on their desk.

Any parent who needs to withdraw a child should contact the building principal.

Any items left at school after the “last call” day will be disposed of.

Items that belong to the district such as books, uniforms, library books, Chromebooks, will not be collected at this time.