Shelton sewer work begins Nov. 15

Road work

Road work


SHELTON - The city will be refurbishing a major sanitary sewer main on Bridgeport Avenue starting next month.

Construction work - which begins Nov. 15 and, weather permitting, should be completed within five weeks - will run from Nells Rock Road at Bridgeport Avenue, along Old Bridgeport Avenue to Cots Street, back onto Bridgeport Avenue, continuing to the intersection of John Street, where it will end.

Residences and businesses will be informed when they need to limit wastewater between a specific span of hours. Traffic may initially be diverted at the Nells Rock Road/Bridgeport Avenue intersection, and there may be a lane closure north of Cots Street on Bridgeport Avenue to John Street.

According to Water Pollution Control Authority officials, the refurbishing of this pipeline is essential to Shelton’s infrastructure.