Shelton state rep. seeks ninth term in office

SHELTON — State Rep. Jason Perillo has announced that he will seek re-election in the 113rd House District representing Shelton.

Perillo — formerly the volunteer chief of Shelton’s Echo Hose Ambulance, who was first elected in 2007 — easily won re-election in 2020, earning 64 percent of the vote, a greater percentage of votes than any other candidate on the ballot in Shelton.

“I’ve been fortunate to serve my hometown for many years now,” Perillo said. “I continue to serve because Shelton and Connecticut are both at a crossroads. Shelton has changed much through the years and that can get sticky. Part of my job is to help deliver assistance wherever I can.

“I serve with a great local team in Senator (Kevin) Kelly and Representative (Ben) McGorty,” Perillo added. “We work well together and we always put Shelton first.”

In January of 2021, Perillo was named Deputy House Republican Leader, a position held by his predecessor, Richard O. Belden prior to Belden’s death in 2007. He served on the state’s Reapportionment Commission following the 2020 census as well as on a special committee formed to resolve ballot irregularities in the 2018 election. Perillo is the first Shelton legislator in state history to serve on either committee.

Perillo stated that these difficult economic times coupled with rises in crime rates call for thoughtful leadership.

According to Perillo, Republican legislators have made several attempts to address this issue. Perillo lists their priorities as extending sentences for carjackings committed with a firearm, allowing arresting officers to detain juvenile offenders for longer periods of time, transferring juveniles to the regular criminal docket for certain crimes, and providing immunity protections for police officers.

Perillo also stressed that the state’s economy will be a priority in the years ahead.

“Residents and businesses here in Shelton and across Connecticut face an uncertain future,” he said. “While we confront an unprecedented pandemic, our state economy has lagged the rest of the country. We have proposed tax relief measures that could make a real difference to our job creators and their employees, but Democrats need to share our sense of urgency.”

Perillo stated that he wanted to build on past successes for Shelton noting that work has begun on much-needed improvements to the Derby-Shelton Bridge, funding for which Perillo and former Derby State Rep. Themis Klarides secured.

He also secured legislative support for state funding of the extension of Constitution Boulevard, which will be the future home to Bigelow Tea and which Perillo states will be a “future economic development area where commercial tax revenue will offset the tax burden on residents and provide additional funding for education and City services.”

Perillo also cited working across party lines as a reason behind his legislative achievements.

“I have worked very well with the other party to drive legislation that will strengthen Shelton’s fire department, help Shelton’s farms, and ensure that criminals of violent crimes do not receive early release,” Perillo said.

Perillo, 44, is the chief marketing officer of a large healthcare nonprofit. He holds a master’s degree in public policy from Harvard. He also earned a master’s degree in business from Boston College and received a bachelor’s degree in accounting from Georgetown.

In the legislature, Perillo serves on the Executive and Legislative Nominations Committee and the Legislative Management Committee, both of which are typically reserved for senior legislators. He serves on the Finance Committee at St. Joseph’s Church in Shelton, and he is a member of the Wesleyan Foundation for Health and Aging. He is also a member of the Board of Directors at Holy Trinity Catholic Academy, which is on the campus of St. Lawrence Church in Huntington Center.

Perillo is a lifelong Shelton resident and lives with his wife, Becky, and their 8-year-old daughter, Lydia. They reside in the home where his grandfather, former Shelton Mayor Vincent P. Tisi, Jr., grew up.