Shelton state reps: Cut taxes on clothing and non-prescription meds

Shelton’s two state representatives, Republicans Larry Miller and Jason Perillo, are supporting a GOP House plan to save consumers $185 million by restoring sales tax exemptions for clothing, footwear and over-the-counter medicine, and to provide small business relief by eliminating a special unemployment assessment of $59 million.

The Shelton legislators said the total cost of $247 million for the initiatives would be covered through available funds and will not create future budget deficits.

Perillo: Counters Malloy tax hikes

“This would be a positive step forward in reversing the damage done to the state economy through the tax hikes of Gov. Malloy and legislative Democrats,” Perillo said.

“With our state at 25,000 fewer people on the job than when the governor took office, it’s clear the current approach doesn’t work,” he said.

Miller: Small businesses need help

Miller, noting 65,000 working-age people have left the state, said the only way “to help this economy grow is to provide relief to the small businesses that create jobs.”

“By adopting the common-sense proposals, we can start the important process of making Connecticut friendlier to business and set the stage for job creation,” he said.

Move up date on exemption

The clothing and footwear sales tax exemption for items under $50 now is to be restored in July 2015. Republicans want to advance that timeline to April 1 of this year.

Miller and Perillo said House Republicans will present a full agenda for the coming legislative session that begins Feb. 6.