SHELTON — A canceled Memorial Day parade has not stopped one local man from honoring the day.

Joseph Bennetta spent the days before Memorial Day walking around the Meadow Lake Condominium complex in which he lives, placing American flags at each home.

“No celebration in Shelton this year, but this doesn’t stop this vet and disabled resident in the middle of a pandemic reminding everyone why we have Memorial Day,” said his stepdaughter, Judi Richard, in a Facebook post.

“He’s been walking around his condo making sure that every condo had a flag,” added Richard. “Pain lives with him, day and night, but this was a very important goal for him. Please remember and remind your kids what Memorial Day is. Our freedom was not free. This is American pride.”️

Bennetta moved to Meadow Lake Condominiums in Shelton in 2014 from Stratford. He is a Vietnam War veteran and was secretary and treasurer of the International Brotherhood of Teamsters, Local 191 of Bridgeport, for 25 years.

He purchased 36 flags for the American Legion to distribution one to each unit at Meadow Lake.