Shelton volunteer spotlight

Alexandra Puglisi

Alexandra Puglisi

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Shelton Volunteer Spotlight is monthly article spotlighting an individual who volunteers in the city to serve its residents.

Name: Alexandra Puglisi

Where do you live? I live here in Shelton.

Where do you volunteer? I’m a volunteer EMT at Echo Hose Ambulance Corps.

Why have you chosen to volunteer, and why did you choose this organization to volunteer your time? I chose to volunteer in my hometown to contribute to my community as well as gain patient care experience.

Occupation? I open new stores as a project manager for a major retail company.

Who is the greatest influence in your life? My parents are the two greatest influences in my life. I cheated and chose two people.

What is your proudest accomplishment? My proudest accomplishment was my promotion last year that has enabled me to travel and makes new friends around the world.

What is your most memorable moment during your service as a volunteer in Shelton? It’s difficult to choose a most memorable moment because I learn something new from the EHAC team and care for new patients when I volunteer. The EHAC team is genuine, passionate, and cares deeply about our community allowing me to grow as a care giver for patients every shift. Therefore, every time I volunteer is memorable as I enjoy helping patients to the best of my ability and being a part of this great organization.

What can you not live without? I definitely cannot live without my golden retriever named Indy.