Side section of Bridge Street now closed off in downtown Shelton

One set of concrete barriers has been placed on the side section of Bridge Street, closing the short one-way road from Howe Avenue in downtown Shelton. (Photos by Brad Durrell)

This means vehicles will not be able to use the side road, which no longer is a public street and is private property.

The side section of Bridge Street runs between Howe Avenue and West Canal Street, past the Kazimir Pulaski Club (better known as the “Polish Club”).

A new sidewalk path marking has been painted on the street to guide pedestrians through the intersection. Fencing also will be added to close off the area.

More fencing is expected to be placed elsewhere on the Bridge Street side road, near the Polish Club, in the future to block off part of that side road from West Canal Street.

The barriers are large and round, and flowers may be planted inside of them. They have been painted a terra-cotta color. Three barriers have been placed on the road so far.

Reflective markings also will be added to prevent cars from trying to turn down the now-closed street at night.

Outdoor events are planned at site

Bricks & Barley Tavern, the new restaurant and bar that occupies the former Downtown Danny O’s site on Howe Avenue, has received zoning permission to hold three outdoor events this fall on the vacant lot and Bridge Street side road that is just north of the establishment.

The lot and now-closed side road are owned by Shelton developer Angelo Milisi, who has approval to build a 44,000-square-foot building with retail space and apartments on the property. It’s unclear when that project might move forward.